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chance at a free copy of Shane Jones’ LIGHT BOXES

via Adam Robinson @ htmlgiant.com:

To enter to win the original PG version of Light Boxes, together with the new Penguin version, buy a book from an independent press and forward the receipt to lightboxescontest at gmail dot com. If you buy a book from an indie press at a brick and mortar store, scan the receipt or take a good photo of it and email that. Your name will be entered once for every book you buy. Then I will conduct a fair drawing. ENTRIES ARE DUE BY MIDNIGHT MAY 24th. Penguin will officially release their version on May 25, and I’ll do the drawing then.

Might I suggest Artistically Declined Press or Mud Luscious Press or Willows Wept Press or Pank or &Now Books?

1 thought on “chance at a free copy of Shane Jones’ LIGHT BOXES

  1. And here are some links to independent presses that will serve you right:
    Dalkey Archive: http://www.dalkeyarchive.com/
    Chiasmus: http://www.chiasmusmedia.net/
    Mud Luscious: http://www.mudlusciouspress.com/
    Artistically Declined: http://www.artisticallydeclined.net/
    Ellipsis Press: http://www.ellipsispress.com/
    Graywolf: http://www.graywolfpress.org/
    Starcherone: http://www.starcherone.com/
    Coffee House: http://www.coffeehousepress.org/
    Les Figues: http://www.lesfigues.com/lfp/index.php
    Semiotext(e): http://www.semiotexte.com/
    FC2: http://fc2.org/
    Dzanc: http://www.dzancbooks.org/
    NY Tyrant: http://www.nytyrant.com/home.html
    Keyhole Press: http://www.keyholepress.com/
    Soft Skull: http://www.softskull.com/
    Tarpaulin Sky: http://www.tarpaulinsky.com/

    I’m missing a lot, I’m sure. Feel free to add to this list.

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