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Reading with Benefits

Adam posted a while ago about readings, asking why we have them. Making the point that most of them aren’t worth going to, are boring. Well. A reading that will certainly not bore you is coming up on April 6th, as The Rumpus, Tinhouse and Flavorpill are putting on something called “A Night Together.” Clearly, they stole the name of my release reading, BUT I’m willing to forgive them just because they’re not only putting Sam Lipsyte on the stage with Lorelei Lee (porn star cum MFA candidate), they’ve lined up the hilarious Michael Showalter. There are other people performing too, but I won’t vouch for them.

I must say that this is an event you have to pay for. It is ten dollars. But that’s kind of worth it, don’t you think? It’s totally worth it.


They just posted about offering a 4$ discount for anyone who tweets, blogs or Facebooks about the event. Read the offer.

4 thoughts on “Reading with Benefits

  1. I should clarify that many readings are inherently worth going to for writers, since we all like to support one another, socialize with writers/publishers, give people reasons to come out for our own events. And writers seem to have a high tolerance for readings, even bad ones, god help them.

    The question is more, how to get people who aren’t writers to come out? And how to get enough people so that you can charge a few dollars (should you want to)—and have people willing to pay?

    I think there are ways.

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