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Photographs from Big Other’s First Chicago Reading…

…featuring Big Other’s AD Jameson, Jac Jemc and yours truly, and with special guest Jeremy Davies as Mr. Announcer Man.

This happened a weekend or two ago and I’m too lazy to look up the date.

It was successful and fun, and we look forward to many more.

All of these photographs are of me because I am a pathological narcissist.

7 thoughts on “Photographs from Big Other’s First Chicago Reading…

  1. Actually, Tim, I think the third one is of me…

    And my roommate, Sophia, can be seen, albeit blurrily, on the leftmost edge of the first one.

  2. Great look, Tim!

    Kind of reminds me of these bird people drawings I’ve seen somewhere. I can’t remember the artist, but the drawings are kind of in a Victorian style, and the bird people are wearing fancy gowns and suits.

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