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Seeking Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

I know some of you have a post-apocalyptic novel in your drawer. Who doesn’t? I have three. Try yours out on literary agent Andrea Somberg! She’s looking.

6 thoughts on “Seeking Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

    1. Sure thing. I just stuck this bit before the first paragraph:

      “The apocalypse had just happened, minutes before. Now it was right after the apocalypse. In other words, everything from that point on could be considered post-apocalyptic.”

        1. I was in a video store yesterday, and someone rented APOCALYPTO, and I kept repeating that word to myself, wondering what it meant. I couldn’t place it. (I never saw the Gibson film, even though a close friend told me that it’s worth seeing, being somewhat demented.)

          I *was* trying to rent Costner’s THE POSTMAN, but the store didn’t have it. But I see it can be cheaply had through Amazon…

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