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Big Other Contributors’ News, #15

Mel Bosworth appeared on the Prick of the Spindle Podcast, and had a poem in the new edition of elimae. 

Ryan W. Bradley read an excerpt from my unpublished novella, Who Killed Owen Wilson? HERE as part of the first Orange Alert podcast.

Greg Gerke‘s story “Chrissy Likes the Dolphins “ is at elimae. His interview with Paula Fox appeared at The Rumpus. Corium Magazine, where Gerke is the very short fiction editor, is open to submissions.

A D Jameson‘s “The Nipples,” an excerpt from his recently-finished second novel, The New Boyfriend , appears in the latest Emprise Review.

Michael Leong‘s poem “Aviary” was featured at Verse Daily.

John Madera‘s review of Joanna Howard’s On the Winding Stair has been republished at Powell’s Books – Review-a-Day – American Reader #12. 

The Winter 2010 issue of The Chapbook Review is now live! It features interviews with Aaron Burch, Mike Heppner, and Catherine Kasper by, respectively, J.A. Tyler, Josh Maday, and John Dermot Woods, and reviews by Matt DeBenedictis, Anne C. Fowler, Steven Karl, Janey Smith, and J.A. Tyler. You can read Madera’s introduction HERE, and find the current issue HERE.

Check out the first installment of his monthly column, “A Reader’s Log(orrhea),” at The Nervous Breakdown.

Davis Schneiderman‘s collaborative story with Blake Butler, “If Stretching Were Wealth, The Cats Would Be Rich…” was published in Diagram 10.1. 

J.A. Tyler interviewed Aaron Burch HERE. His review of Dana Teen Lomax’s Disclosure appears HERE. His review of Aaron Burch’s HOW TO TAKE YOURSELF APART, HOW TO MAKE YOURSELF ANEW is HERE. And his review of Lonely Christopher’s Satan is HERE. Also, check out the reviews of Tyler’s own novella Inconceivable Wilson HERE.

And congratulations to Tyler and his wife on the birth of their daughter! She’s 6 pounds, 20 inches.

John Dermot Woods‘s interview with Catherine Kasper appears HERE.

Leni Zumas has a story in the new issue of GIGANTIC.

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  1. Congratulations, J.A.! I think you mixed your units, though. How many pounds in an inch? Or inches a pound?

    I think an inch is…seven pounds? Which makes your baby…146 pounds?

    Let’s go metric.

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