72 thoughts on “Only 2 days left to register for AWP.

      1. Meeting cool people like you live and in person for the very first time.

        Because Dave Clapper is no longer coming, what I need is a new roommate to avoid swallowing the entire cost of my room.

        Will somebody be my roommate??

  1. I really can’t wait for AWP; I’m a little worried since I’ll be there by myself, and even though I’ve come to know some awesome people who’ll be there and who I’m excited to actually meet face to face, I’m nervous about being a “tag along” dude.

    1. I’ll be tagging along, too, Christopher, so if you want I can pester you, make you feel better.

      Anyone have leads on where to stay? All of my Denver friends have disappeared (and I was so sure they lived there, too.) Feel free to contact me back-channel…to say Go To Hell.

      The Sidebrow folks said I could sleep under their table. And that they’ll have donuts.

      1. Ha. Obliged.

        Also, I think I remember seeing Tim comment on Giant something about having an extra spot for someone needing a place to stay.

      2. I need a new roommate, but that is not free like crashing with friends.

        But I’ve no problem turning it into sleepover crash pad once i find a new roommate, assuming roommate is OK with that.

        1. gah, I definitely need a new roommate. just checked what I committed to paying, and it’s 189 per night. Maybe even try to divide it three or four ways and rock the rollaway.

          I should hold an auction.

          Or something.

          (I’m in the Marriott, the official extension hotel. I had this idea in my head I might miss some impromptu socializing if I was too far off-site).

          1. “I had this idea in my head I might miss some impromptu socializing if I was too far off-site.”

            A shared fear, but a free couch at my buddy Josh’s is hard to pass up, however far he might be from ground zero.

            Though, if I end up on someone’s couch/floor for a night due to fending for my own to partake in impromptu socializing, I will offer beers or breakfast or both. I’m not the most well-off, but nor am I an ingrate.

            1. Is that what you kids call it today: impromptu socializing? Well, sheeeeeit, yo. Seriously, if my room wasn’t ONE double-bed, you could stay. You still can, if they have the extra cot oraou need a floor. Too funny. Mi casa es tu casa.

              1. No cots necessary; years of DIY touring honed my ability to sleep anywhere from the floor of a van to a picnic bench at a rest stop. The floor of a hotel room would be like the Ritz to me. Ha.

                Appreciate the offer, Jesus.

      1. allow me to reiterate my point about how awesome a vast majority of the people are in this online community; it’s been a damn awesome 5’ish months getting to know everyone.

        @ryan: did i challenge you to an arm wrestling match over at Giant? or. wait, i think that was bradley sands?

        i don’t know. i need coffee. end of desk jockey workday, synapses cold, eyes bleary…please send help.

              1. haha. me, too, for the most part. but, when i get a few in me, for some reason, i take to arm wrestling. or, rather, my friends all challenge me to arm wrestling. to my credit, i never start the a.w.; i just finish them. *flex*

                or, i might be a little drunk now…

        1. Will I sound needy if I ask if I can roll w/ y’all, too? I *need* crazy, and I’m feeling a little like what Christopher said, since I’ve only been interacting online for the past few months, too.

          I also saw Tim’s offer on Giant.

          Here’s a place I found w/in walking distance (as cheap and decent enough as it gets, I’m guessing):

          Econo Lodge Downtown (CO218)
          930 E. Colfax Ave , Denver, CO, US, 80218
          Phone: (303) 813-8000

          1. No way, dude. The more the merrier. We’ll be a little posse of n00bs.

            You guys planning on hitting the DogzPANK reading?

            1. alright. I can hang w/ that.

              off-site reads are at the top of my to-do list:


              Thurs – DOGZPANK

              Fri – Barrelhouse/Hobart/Collagist/Soft Skull….Black Warrior Review / Blue Hour Press…OW Press The Velvet reading…Barbed Wire Reading Series (choices, choices)

              Sat – Apostrophe Books with Action Books, Black Ocean Press, Slope Editions and Tarpaulin Sky

              these are the gigs, no?

              1. i think that pr’ much covers them.

                i’ll be getting into town Wednesday eve, so i might miss out on the Wednesday festivities for the sake of travel recovery, but i’ll be bright and shiney Thursday morning and ready for my slow decay throughout the week.

            1. n00bs, let’s roll

              MyCalendar says …
              4/7 – FlatmanCrooked
              4/8 – Dogz/Pank and Keyhole
              4/9 – Collagist

        1. Yes really. Corresponding with people online does not mean knowing them and I’m shy. And surely the bar for fame has not sunk so low that my name could be uttered in the same sentence as that word.

                    1. well. i’m a grad student (read: poor), and a writer (read, also: poor) and will have already spent whatever pretend money i can get away with using just to have gotten myself to denver, so: some pretty bottom shelf shit. and thus yet another reason why i loves me some bourbon: even the low-grade is good!

                    2. decent flasks at wal-mart for like $5 a pop. check the camping section.

                      i’ll be bottom shelfing the weekend myself. wish i could flask a bit of Maker’s from home for at least the beginning of the trip, but stupid airplane liquid prohibitions suck…

                    3. haha. no worries, man. i’ll have my own flask. how do you think i knew to refer you to the camping section at wal-mart?

                    4. well, I’m happy to fill that flask, christopher. from what I hear, you may end up on the floor of my ghetto suite at some point, talkin bout the way it used to be back when the band, man, the baaaand was together. I’ve been there, too, bro. looking forward to the lit jam.

                    5. Ha. Deal. I’m sure we’ll have some good stories to share. My buddy Josh is going to be out in the evenings with us, and he’ll likely get in on some band/tour stories as well.

      1. I’ll find the PANK booth and introduce myself so we can commiserate in the nervous.

        For real though, based on this thread alone, I think the majority of my nervousness has been put to rest.

    1. I was gonna ask someone to pose as my spouse (for spouse discount… applies to significant others as well, no certificate needed!) but I didn’t want anyone to feel left out.

    1. i’m supposed to be crashing at my buddy josh’s place, which is about a 25 minute light rail ride from the convention center, which kind of sucks because of late night chicanery and possibly having to pop off early, so if that’s the case, and splitting a room 4 ways is cheap like woah, i may get in on that.

  2. don’t also forget to attend some panels about writing as self-expression and releasing your inner genius and barfing up pablum and discovering yourself in the steamroller of adversity and how to make your characters pop off the page like tiny festering baby mouths.

    also, there may be an &NOW Books event on Thurs. Still coming un/together

    1. Your characters are only gonna pop off the page like tiny festering baby mouths (do you have kids, Davis???) if you spend time with them. No panel’s gonna show you how to shortcut that.

    1. $200 is a lot of money, and that’s not counting lodging, travel, and events costs. It’s an investment, and if you’re going to spend the money it’d make sense to sign on truly believing that you WILL get something out of it.

      Beforehand, figure out what panels you want to go to, what evening events, and schedule coffee/drink/brisk walk dates with people that you definitely want to meet.

      The costs are very likely not worth their weight unless you return home having had really great, memorable experiences.

      For some people, panels are great because you get to sit in those audiences and hear what some of your favorite writers have to say on very specific subjects; for others, the social events make it all worth it (last year, I didn’t attend any panels; I did the book fair all day and went out every night).

      I think if you’re excited about it now, you’ll be pretty excited about (how) it (went) on the plane ride home. If it seems silly or like it has the potential to not be your thing, then on the plane ride home you’ll probably have big regrets, and not all financial.

      1. totally off AWP topic, but I somehow made my way to your twitter/FB question, molly, and I wanted to convey: the road. the starkness of the language matches the starkness of the post-apocalyptic landscape perfectly. every word. it’s astonishing. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything else where the word choice so matches the word world, if you know what I mean, in fiction, at least, not poetry. I haven’t read blood meridian, but I hear it’s, um, bloody, emotionless, and astonishing, too, but…. my cents, if you don’t mind.

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