11 thoughts on “The Langley School Music Project – Oh Canada

  1. “…it sounded like it was recorded by some strange cult of youngsters who were gathered somewhere in a dungeon late at night…”

    And the reality of the project is even more interesting than that!

    Their version of “Sweet Caroline” made me realize what a great song that is.

      1. Oh, they’re very great. I own very few CDs (I used to own thousands, but I have sold most of them by now), but I would never part with my Langley School Music Project CD.

        Or my Shaggs CD.

    1. Yes. What’s even more remarkable is that there were only like 100 copies, most of which were owned by the families.

      Gives one hope that the good stuff eventually gets found, no matter how odd it looks at the time…

  2. Thanks for putting this up. I’ve been into to their version of “Wildfire” for a while, and didn’t know the back story at all.

    “I didn’t make it for money, I didn’t make it for art, I didn’t make it for anything…I just made it for fun.”

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