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Walking Man Press

Over  a few of these, a painter friend of mine, Matt Pinney (who would love to sell some work if any of you have cash and are interested), brought up Alberto Giacometti’s “Walking Man,” which recently sold at Sotheby’s for $104.3 million.

Here’s a question posed by Matt: What’s keeping you from just writing a story or poem by hand and selling it for a thousand dollars?

It’s an interesting thought: I’m tempted to give it a shot as an “imprint” of Willows Wept Press (which publishes fiction chapbooks). Here’s what we’ll do:

  1. We’ll call it Walking Man Press.
  2. On the fifteenth of every month, from 12 a.m. to 12 p.m., you may submit 1-5 poems or a one-page flash — any theme or style — to molly.gaudry@gmail.com. Submissions received outside the reading period will be deleted, unread.
  3. Subject line: “Walking Man Submission: Your Name.”
  4. Paste submission into the body of the email and ALSO attach as a .doc or .rtf.
  5. Include your bio.
  6. Accepted pieces will be done-up pretty in a hand-made sort of way.
  7. We’ll put it on Ebay and we’ll try and promote the hell out of it until (and probably well into) the final hour.
  8. Profits will work like this: 33% WMP, 33% writer, 33% visual artist, with payment via PayPal.
  9. Unsold pieces will become part of my private art collection.

17 thoughts on “Walking Man Press

  1. P.S. Pinney’s work is incredible. Like, really freaking incredible.

    (But.. [And, I promise I’m not intending to be a dick here] did he have to use Papyrus for his site header?)

    1. WWP’s next chapbook (after Scott Garson’s) is Pedro Ponce’s ALIEN AUTOPSY, and Matt’s providing the cover image. It is likely that Matt will provide the cover image, too, for Kathy Fish’s forthcoming WWP chapbook.

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