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Big Other Reading Series #6

Mel Bosworth reads “The Girl,” by Lauren Becker.

The Girl

By Lauren Becker

The girl has true pale yellow hair and a smile that makes boys think of light blue Tiffany’s boxes. This girl is the girl. The line leader, the team leader, the cheerleader, the one who will lead always, we hope, to the very best place we can be.

And when we are with this girl, our teeth are whiter, our legs longer, our voices sweeter. She allows us to be near her without knowing we need permission.

We speak of her. She is television for us to watch. She is so very watchable.

Her eyes are sad and lovely. We practice her melancholy in mirrors. We fail, as we know we will.

We accept our failure. There can only be one. She is the girl.

Lauren Becker lives in Oakland, California. You should not say bad things about Oakland unless you have been there, in which case, you wouldn’t say bad things. She has written some things and is editor of Corium Magazine. She also runs the reading series East Bay on the Brain and writes for The Nervous Breakdown. Visit Lauren HERE 

“The Girl” was previously published in Keyhole Digest, October 2009.

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  1. thanks mel — it was very cool hearing you read this. and thanks others for commenting.

    i like this feature of big other a lot and am happy to have been part of it!

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