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I love Joanna Ruocco

I went to school with a writer named Joanna Ruocco whose facility with language made me nervous and envious and happy. Everything she brought into workshop was wondrous and big-hearted and brilliant and funny and flawed in charmingly perfect ways. I’ve been meaning to write something about her book, The Mothering Coven, and I will sometime soon. But now let me just link to a story of hers called Unicorns you can read online at The Fanzine. The following appears within the first hundred words:

When I am not writing, I feel bad. But when I am writing, I am usually not writing. I feel bad. I sit in front of the computer doing small, surreptitious things to my body.

By the way, The Fanzine seems right up my alley: they’re expressly interested in publishing longer-form writing. As I’ve said here before, this is something web journals–lacking, as they do, space restrictions–should be doing more of.

4 thoughts on “I love Joanna Ruocco

  1. The Mothering Coven is excellent. My review of it is sitting with an editor, and I hope they decide to pick it up. And I also hope TS sends her story collection for me to review.

    You know, I had a chance to hear Ruocco, Lutz, and Lock read together a few months back. Talk about a power trio!

    Ellipsis Press rules!

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