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Fucking Funny

Author M. K. Hobson, who claims that her most successful short stories are humorous (which is a damned lie), writes a short blog post instructing the plebes on how to be comedic.

Much of humor is in the choice of words. Words are hilarious. George Carlin did whole *acts* on nothing more than words and word choices. Slang and colloquialisms are a great place to look for humor. There’s nothing funnier than a 41-year old housewife saying “fo’ shizzle.” Ask my 11-year old daughter if you don’t believe me.

And so on, and so forth, and insert illustrations of bananas slipping on their own peels here.

I must, of course, take issue with her assertion that feghoots are the humor writing equivalent of funereal farts. Feghoots are fucking funny, as anyone who has started a round of joke-telling with me while I am drunk can attest. (Yes, I will tell you the one about the shoes.)

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