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who wants this? anyone?

8 thoughts on “ummm…?

  1. whenever tao’s blog pops up in my google reader feed and i see that he’s selling something my first thought is always “wow this is so unbelievably retarded.”

    however, i generally quickly remember that tao lin “supposedly” actually survives in brooklyn without having a job and there are people who legitimately want something like this from him and then i am like “oh, well, i guess he’s actually pretty smart then, i wish i could put old drafts of stories on ebay and people would actually bid on them”

    1. Re: the neighboring thread about what writing’s worth, Tao Lin is someone who repeatedly tells other people that his writing is worth something. Sometimes it doesn’t take much more than that.

      And people believe him. Makes you wonder why so many people are determined to say their writing is not worth anything (i.e., worthless).

      Even if you don’t like his work, it’s hard not to admire the guy’s moxie.

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