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Big Other’s New Contributors!

Please welcome our newest contributors Rachel Swirsky and Edward Mullany. Rachel’s short fiction has appeared in a variety of venues including Tor.com,  Subterranean Magazine, and the Konundrum Engine Literary Review. A short collection of her feminist fiction and poetry is forthcoming from Aqueduct Press in 2010. Rachel writes about feminism, social justice, and progressive politics as Mandolin at Alas, a Blog. She also sometimes writes at Ambling Along the Aqueduct, the blog of Aqueduct Press. She maintains a personal livejournal, a facebook page under Rachel Swirsky, and a twitter account as rachelswirsky. More details about her writing can be found at her website. Check out her first Big Other post HERE.

Edward lives in New York.  His work has appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review, New Ohio Review, wigleaf, Keyhole Magazine, and other journals. He is an editor at matchbook, and he writes about literature and art at notes about permanent things.

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    1. thanks Greg — NYC (Manhattan, upper west side). My wife and I moved here last summer. She’s studying at NYU.

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