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Big Other’s Reading Series #1

Check out Mel Bosworth reading two pieces (text below) by Eric Burke whose work can also be found in elimae, Pank, Right Hand Pointing, Otoliths, and nibble, and forthcoming in A cappella Zoo and Heron. Find out more about Eric Burke HERE.

By Nature:

The vacant field in which my father’s dandelions were growing was now on fire. Neighbors whose yards bordered the field were rushing in, shouting, trying to beat the fire out with shovels. He was, I saw, among them.

whatever the opposite of fine

that kind of marker—

painting my toenails black

Losing a Thumb:

Someone long ago hammered a nail into the maple that was now ours. At 8, I became enamored of slip-knots; listen, if I tell it right, you can almost hear me screaming, my father busy in the basement, my mother frantic trying . . . .

belly exposed to the sky
watching wind in the locust trees

Previously published in Haibun Today, 2008

9 thoughts on “Big Other’s Reading Series #1

  1. Awesome, John. Are there going to be more of these? You should make them available as a podcast feed.

    1. Thanks John! And yes, Mel’s going to do this for us weekly. As for doing podcast feed, I’ll need some help figuring out how to do that on the technical end.

      1. Great series. I like Mel’s shirt. Will he be doing different shirts? Can he possibly be filmed going to his closet and putting on a new shirt every session like Mister Rogers?

  2. Ha! It’s a possibility, Greg. I see tweed in the future. Maybe a potato sack and a helmet.

    Big thanks to Mr. Madera for pulling the YouTube on board. All good things.

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