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Nerds Texting

December 24, 2009:

Me: Just bought “Prisoner of Love” by Jean Genet at barbaras books at ohaire airport b/c it was sitting randomly out on a shelf & i thought it was a sign.

James Tadd Adcox (JTA): It almost certainly was.

Me: I mean what the fuck is a genet book abt palestine doing at the airport? It must mean I was sposed to buy it. It was fucking sitting next 2 that beer in hell guy.

JTA: That’s kind of amazing, actually. look and see if they have any gide.

Me: Too late. :-( didnt see it. They had baudelaire, though.

JTA: Rock!

4 thoughts on “Nerds Texting

  1. Whenever I have time, I always swing by the Barbara’s at O’Hare. I’ve seen many other “strange” (and most welcome!) choices there.

    (In my ideal world, everyone reads Genet while on airplanes. Or when traveling by steamer.)

    Does anyone else remember when Blockbuster used to carry art films? (It was in the late 1990s, so it wasn’t too long ago.) I once bought a copy of the Mystic Fire video FILMS OF MAYA DEREN: VOLUME 1 at the Blockbuster in Old Forge, PA. I found it on their “special interest” shelf. I took the box to the counter and asked them if anyone had ever rented it. They said no. I offered them $2 for it. They accepted.

  2. Ha. I got that text. I don’t think I said anything pertinent. Probably I was like, “Go ‘way, I’m reading Twilight” or something.

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