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Getting Residency, Pt. II

I’ll be applying to some artist residencies this year, and posting about the process. So far, I’ve created a list of programs that meet my two simple criteria: allow male writers and provide substantial, if not total, financial aid. (This is not meant to be a complete list—I decided to keep it relatively short rather than continue my search—but if you know of any superlative programs I’ve missed, please point them out.)

First I’d like to thank those of you who commented on my inaugural post about writer’s retreats—especially Jac Jemc, most of whose suggestions perfectly fit the bill. (I’d also like to apologize to her in advance, should this post result in more competition at the spots to which she’s applying.)

The bad news is that I’ve missed the deadline for some of the most highly regarded programs, including what is perhaps the Holy Grail of residencies: Stegner. The good news is that there are still quite a number of them open—many with multiple application dates throughout the year. And of course there’s always next year.

Application date/fee: Jan 11th / $25
Aid: 100%
Duration: 4 weeks (more competitive 8 week slots)

Application dates/fee: Jan 15th, April 15th, Sept 15th / $20
Aid: 100%
Duration: Up to 8 weeks

Application date/fee: Jan 15th, Apr 15th, Sept 15th / $30
Cost: 150/wk (included b/c this seems doable, if barely)
Duration: 2 – 8 weeks

Application dates: Jan 15th, May 15th, Sept 15th / $30
Cost: 25$/day (ditto)
Duration: How many days can you afford?

Colorado Art Ranch
Application dates/fee: Feb 1st, June 1st, May 30th / $30
Aid: 100%, but no food
Duration: 4 weeks

Application date/fee: Feb 15th / $35
Aid: 100%
Duration: 4 – 5 weeks

Vermont Studio Center
Application dates/fee: Feb 15th, Jun 15th, Oct 1st / $25
Aid: 100%
Duration: 4 weeks

Application dates/fee: Mar 1st, Oct 1st / $40
Aid: 100%
Duration: 2 – 8 weeks

Kimmel Harding Nelson
Application dates/fee: Mar 1st, Sept 1st / $25
Aid: 100% + $100/wk
Duration: 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks

Application date/fee: March 19th / no fee
Cost: 550/wk, but possible aid to cover most of it (since there is no app fee, it there is little risk)
Duration: 1 – 2 weeks

Application date/fee: June 1st / $25
Aid: 100%, but no food
Duration: 4 weeks

Application dates/fee: Jan 1st, Aug 1st / $30
Aid: 100%
Duration: 2 – 8 weeks

Millay Colony
Application date/fee: Oct 1st / $35
Aid: 100%
Duration: 4 weeks

Ledig House International Writers Residency
Application date/fee: Nov 20th / no fee
Aid: 100%
Duration: 1 – 8 weeks

Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown
Application date/fee: Dec 1st / $45
Aid: 100% + 650/mo stipend
Duration: 1 year

Application date/fee: Dec 1st / $60
Aid: 100% + 26k/year
Duration: 2 years

I also found an international artist retreat search engine at Res Artis. It’s a very nifty resource. I chose to limit my options by those in the country, essentially because I’m lazy, but it’s certainly worth exploring.

I’ll post again once I’ve met the January deadlines, at which point I’ll give the lowdown on the application processes for those programs: the relative ease/obnoxiousness thereof, etc.

16 thoughts on “Getting Residency, Pt. II

  1. I don’t know if it’s quite what you’re looking for (I’m still sort of figuring out what fellows do) but have you looked into private high schools? I have a friend who is the Writing Fellow or Writer-in-residence (are they the same thing?) at the Gilman School in Baltimore. Maybe there’s not as much competition?

    If your goal is just to get paid to write what you want, and minimal ‘teaching,’ that might work. If the staff/co-teacher-type-people are a deciding factor, might not be quite as favorable. Just a thought.


    1. I actually just received an email from the CRWOPPS list serve about the Gilman School fellowship and came here to mention it.

      It lists salary (a pretty decent one, not gonna lie), what would be expected of you, and how to apply. It’s definitely more a gig than a gift, but if you’re interested Shya, let me know and I can forward this to you.

        1. Hey, thanks! But no thanks. I’m not really in a position to leave NYC permanently.

          But I just found the following info from 2006 online:

          “Gilman School. Reginald S. Tickner Writing Fellowship. Gilman School, an independent boys’ school with coordinated classes with Bryn Mawr School & Roland Park Country School, will continue to sponsor a writer-in-residence position for the 2006-2007 academic year. Responsibilities include teaching one class in creative writing, directing a speakers’ series, advising the literary magazine, & working one-to-one with students on their writing.

          Salary: approximately $26,000, plus full benefits package. To apply: send c.v., cover letter, three confidential letters of recommendation or dossier, & a sample of published writing to: Dr. Meg Tipper, Director, Writing Center, Gilman School, 5407 Roland Ave., Baltimore, MD 21210. Firm deadline for receipt of all materials is January 8, 2007.”

          Are the details the same?

          1. Holy hell. So, my subscription to this comment thread evidently bunked out and I never knew you’d asked for follow up. That’s the same info, though a bit updated. Salary is a bit more and contact info is different. Perhaps for 2010.

  2. This is great – it reminded me of some ones I’d forgotten about.

    And you have no need to apologize. The applications, as someone at VSC told me in September, are up about 30% this year because everyone seems to be figuring if they can’t work, they might as well get something like this to put on their resume. So if this stiffens the competition a little more, well, this is just the competition I want – people I’d love to spend a few weeks with talking about writing over meals.

  3. my friend got one in ohio he’s been having other writers visit and live for free in one month shifts is that wrong

  4. I got this in a private email, but I thought it was worth repeating:

    “If you have $190, a week at Wellspring House in Ashfield, Mass is a great place to get some work done. It’s about 20 minutes from Northampton/Amherst. Very small town. Very quiet. Lake in the center of town. No traffic. It’s run by an older couple, retired academics (he is a Flannery O’Connor scholar). I went a few summers in a row when it was only $125/week. I see they have daily rates for individuals/couples as well.

    For me, paying the weekly rate was better than covering application charges to three-four retreat options and risk not getting accepted or having to fit an odd schedule.”

    Indeed. If you’re basically counting on paying the application fee to several programs, you might just consider paying cash for a sure thing, and going on your own schedule…

  5. I wouldn’t say Colorado Art Ranch has NO food. We do not provide it, alas, but we have found at past residencies that the community steps up and numerous pot-lucks are in the offing.


    Grant Pound
    Executive Director
    Colorado Art Ranch

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