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My gift to you.
My gift to you.

Have you been reading list after list of people’s “Best of 2009”, dismayed to find your name and title of your book or story or poem or essay or anything damn thing you’ve done entirely and everywhere absent from said lists? I am hereby offering my services. I’m putting together my own “Best of 2009” list, and if you’d like to be on it, please indicate this in the comments section. Be sure to include the title(s) you’d like to see. What’s more, in the spirit of Christmas, I’m offering this service ENTIRELY FREE OF CHARGE. It’s my gift to you.

I’ll be posting my list here at Big Other next week, so you’ve got some time to choose which piece you’d like me to include. Please note that it must have been published in 2009, and it must have been authored/created by you.

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    1. It most certainly does. I’ll add liesisle.com to my list of best new lit journals of 2009. Of course, should other journals wish to be added to the list, you’ll have to share the title. But you’ll be there.

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