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Darby Larson’s Best of 2009

Best ‘AurA’ or sweat and junk. I have to say the library down the street is meatier this year. I finally libraried it then buried it. So I’m harpering all my clothes in their way first, then Beckett-flirting my Steins Faulknerianly, then list my Lish, my Lutz.

Best 2, variety, tempo, rubatto. Well, to this broken piano, my fur elise, my kanon in d, my charlie brown ditty. It’s all almost you. All I’ll say about it.

Best actual sweater-vested best of book listed string. I’m thinking about selling my exercise bike. I’m thinking about decorating more next year. I’m thinking another shot in the chest. Diane Williams Diane Williams Diane Williams Diane Williams Diane.

Best what for. That the floor below won’t surrender. That the surrendy flower won’t below me down.

Best thing lested this year than others after: the internet. Ain’t it? Watcha? Is the internet isn’t it? The internet’s intern it? The in isn’t the internet? Next time, senorita.

Best mouse bummer of 2009. Its tail fell off in May. Tell me you remember it. That and the rest. I don’t have to say it then do I. Do I.

Best what the fuck happened in 2009, a bunch of shit got flushed along with gallons. Plus some books read during. The Failure Six Fences Bloodfire Ever Sometime My Heart Pushes My Ribs Kill the Clone And Eat It Baby Leg Inconceivable Wilson. Can this stamina consistently assist this colony lamina.

Best of what my heart is bound up in: the dialogue I’ll imagine we’ll logue after logging twenty years of living together and the sky outside’s apocalypsing.

Best unstraightened street recently straightened. The one you dry your hair with. It was later reunstraightened and discarded, then undiscarded, rediscarded, unrediscarded and folded, unfolded, refolded, shelved, unshelved, hung and used again to dry your hair with.

Best 3, variety, less tempo. The wind from John Cage’s window. Have tea with him next time. He’s infatuated with you.

Best extra stomping ground next to the original polished one. No one knows how much our thumbs helped out this year. Except everyone knows it. Everyone knows everyone except you and everyone knowing it. That’s the gist.

Best 2009. That was it.

Darby Larson‘s work is published in New York Tyrant, Caketrain, and elsewhere. He is the editor of ABJECTIVE.

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