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Cara Benson’s Best of 2009

Memorable readings/performances of 2009:
In no particular order and likely woefully gapingly remiss:
AND to be noted that these things are done grudgingly:
Because really these lists are bothersome:
Implying as they do that all the other moments/efforts are not listworthy:
Which really they are:
It depends on the filter of the list, no?:
BUT if I had to say a few things about some things I’ve seen/heard/experienced in audience this year:
I’d say I’ve had a really good time of it:
These are some of the:
some of the:
People who’ve helped:

cris cheek w/ computer and projection @ &Now Buffalo, NY

Cathy Wagner a capella @ Best of Fence Chicago AWP
Reb Livingston w/ nearly no voice @ Milk/Coconut reading AWP
Bruce Covey w/ voice @ Milk/Cocunut AWP
Amina Cain in a tent @ Red Rover AWP
Rodrigo Toscano/Natalie Knight with one mic @ SUNY Albany Writers Inst.
Laura Sims @ Yes Inc Reading Albany, NY
Trace Peterson vibrating! @ NO GENDER kari edwards tribute/launch reading Dixon Place NYC
Susana Gardner @ BoogCity for Dusie NYC
Eileen Myles “Yoga for Losers” @ ADFEMPO CUNY NYC
Erica Hunt airboxing @ ADFEMPO
Anne Waldman and Julie Patton @ NO GENDER kari edwards
Kate Greenstreet @ Spotty Dog Books & Ale Hudson, NY
Deb Poe @ Spotty Dog Books & Ale Hudson, NY
Dawud Gonzalez “quote me on that” @ WNYC Greene Space PEN Prison Writing Benefit NYC
omg! I know I’m forgetting and will wake up tonight with the hot-colds…..
Oh! I do know that the most ahhhhh maze ing is/was:
Seán Dalpiaz/Maurice/Melvin Williams @ Mt. McGregor Correctional Facility NY State DOCS
Hands down KNOCK-OUT.
Need to add Teresa Carmody lip smacking at the mic @ &Now.
See? It could go on…
YAY! What a great world we live in!
Cara Benson is editor of the interdisciplinary book Predictions for ChainLinks and author of the forthcoming books (made) with BookThug and Protean Parade with Black Radish Books. Benson edits the online Sous Rature.

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