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Lazy Poet Wants Help/Lines of Poetry

Hi. I am the Lazy Poet. I need to publish because publishing is critical to my self esteem or my rationalization against the force of inevitable death or an upcoming argument for tenure (?) or whatever so thought I would write a poem, but I am lazy.

I did use last week to write the first line.

Will you please add your own line so I can steal the lines and finish my poem? I will then get back to Big Other about a title in a later post. Thank you. I will send the poem for publication after I choose the “best” 22 lines. I want my poem to be 22 lines because 22 is a holy number (I think) and I once lost $3000 in Tunica, Mississippi playing roulette (a fool’s game, though with the romance of the foolish undertaking).

My Opening Line: All the world is coleslaw and Priscillas in jars


The Lazy Poet

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