Alec Niedenthal’s Best of 2009

Here’s some stuff I liked in 2009:

Dear Everybody, by Michael Kimball
One Hour of Television, by Kristina Born
Scorch Atlas, by Blake Butler
Light Boxes, by Shane Jones
I read more books from 2009, but I can’t remember them right now. If I had more money I would have read more books that were released in 2009. If your book was released in 2009 please give it to me so I can read it.

Eskimo Snow, by Why?
Bonfires on the Heath, by The Clientele
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (Self-Titled)
Manafon, by David Sylvian
Vs. Children, by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone


I am bad at everything
Walking places, especially uphill, hurts me now
Eating fast food excessively makes me feel better about the previous two discoveries

Things to do:
Running out of things to do on the internet, doing everything I do on the internet as many times as it takes me to fall asleep
Waking up and feeling excited about new things to do on the internet

Alec Niedenthal‘s fiction can be found or is forthcoming in Agriculture Reader, Sleepingfish, Caketrain, Smokelong Quarterly, Night Train, and other places. His dream is to one day write a book about Subway and have Subway sell his book inside of Subway as a combo. Maybe be in Subway commercials. We’ll see.


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