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Got 7 Lines of Awesome?

7-line story contest
Can you write story more awesome than this?

It’s pretty much my responsibility as namesake to spread the word about Opium Magazine’s 3rd round of the Shya Scanlon 7-line Story Contest. This one will be judged by Amy Hempel! (the first two were judged by Christopher Kennedy and Brian Evenson). The 7-line prose block form is a fun restriction to work in–roughly 100 words–and was arrived at relatively randomly (I know that’s a contradiction in terms) when I first started developing the poems that eventually became In This Alone Impulse–out soon from Noemi Press. It’s enough room, I’ve found, to fuck some shit up. But not enough to really get in too much trouble. I feel like this is something everyone here should enter.

3 thoughts on “Got 7 Lines of Awesome?

  1. It’s not “us” guys, really. I know it may seem otherwise because Todd and I are friends and involves me in a lot of things Opium, but I’m just a contributor.

    That said, yeah, pretty great. My guess is that because Kennedy judged the first one, he may have recommended it to her. Or something. Doesn’t she teach at Syracuse too?

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