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The Easter Rabbit Is Here!

From Adam Robinson:


Tis the season to celebrate the birth of Joseph Young’s first book, Easter Rabbit.

The party is at the Hexagon, in Baltimore (1825 N Charles St) THIS SATURDAY NIGHT.
It opens at 7pm, the show starts at 8:30.
It’s free, and the book will be available at a discount.
Before the show, there is art to look at — paintings and installations specifically made for the book.
There will be very short plays and very short songs. Free champagne.
I just went to the space where it’s happening and it looks really cool. I feel certain that this is going to be a winning event. Would love to see you if you’re in or around Baltimore.

More details:
Music by The Pants:
Adam Robinson and everybody’s favorite: Jamie Gaughran-Perez.
Thanks a lot for reading this.
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