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Little Easter War Machine Rabbit

There has been quite a bit of attention draw to Joseph Young’s Easter Rabbit, a collection of micro-fictions from Publishing Genius Press, so I wanted to take the opportunity to draw readers to another older book (2004) that has many of the same components of well-written, tightly-wound, intensely-structured lit:

Little War Machine, by M Sarki, available from Ravenna Press, also works in micro-phrases and with a high emphasis on the perfectly neutered sentence, leaving to us the bulk of extrapolation.

Such as:

Long Robes Sublime

She sees

her sun now

as first love.

Aged beside


Her lips

opening each can.


The Temporary Gent

He favors


imposed severely.

Then swerves


her clothes.


Check out this book at Ravenna Press.

And check out Joseph Young’s Easter Rabbit too from Publishing Genius.

Lit, lit, lit.

4 thoughts on “Little Easter War Machine Rabbit

  1. you bet ch. ravenna titles rock.

    ar, re: ‘perfectly neutered sentence’ I think about something that probably had more at one point but was truncated, was pruned back, taking some of its essence but leaving the animal still behind, a functioning yet changed form.

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