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Tom Drury Film!

Mediabistro just announced that David Lynch will be backing a movie made from a story Tom Drury published in the New Yorker.  As someone who loves Tom Drury, this is great news.  And as someone who loves Lynch, I’m hoping he chose to back the film because the director shares his diabolical vision.

4 thoughts on “Tom Drury Film!

  1. Just read your article and it’s funny how prescient it’s turned out to be in terms of the David Lynch production.

    My favorite part of your article is the final paragraph where you write about Drury’s book Hunts In Dreams:

    If it were a day, it would occur toward the end of spring, when it’s beginning to get hot, and you’re glancing up through a tree overhead, at the full summer leaves, at the light filtering through, and are momentarily blinded by a ray of sunlight shooting through, which makes you forget, for a second, that you’re speaking to your neighbor, who you don’t know well, despite having lived next door to him for years, about the poisonous snake he found in the garden that morning, and killed with a spade.

    It could be a microfiction of its own.

  2. The whole deal is pretty exciting. I encountered Drury and very quickly read all his books–something I don’t normally have the patience for–in a couple weeks’ time. Maybe I should chase him down and do an interview for Big Other.

    1. I checked out Drury’s “Path Lights” and although Mediabistro’s description of it being “an excellent combination of Raymond Carver prose, hardboiled private detectives, and metafictional tricks” is mainly off, I still enjoyed it and look forward to the film.

      And I love finding a new writer, that is, a writer that’s new to me, and devouring everything they’ve written. It’s better in a way than discovering a totally new writer because then you have their whole catalog to consume.

      And yes, an interview with Drury for Big Other would be great.

  3. Hey Shya,

    I was in Litchfield, Connecticut a few days ago with my wife and daughter where we ventured into a book and antique shop. We didn’t make out like bandits but we did leave with a porcelain cat doll and a bunch of Beatrix Potter books for our daughter, and I found a hardback copy of Hunts in Dreams for four bucks. Can’t say when I’ll get to it but it’s in the pile.

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