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Presses Presses Presses

Just wanted to make a quick mention of some presses that have either newly arrived or are new to me or deserve even a second mention here on the Big Other:

I met Teresa Carmody and Vanessa Place at the recent &Now Conference in Buffalo and immediately set to check out more titles from Les Figues Press, and, well, wow. The design of their books is beautiful, liquid, and the lit contained is massive yet tangible, good challenging, pressing reads.

Get some of them here.

Also, though I think it has been mentioned before, I just received the first four titles from the newly founded Madras Press and want everyone to know that what they are doing, from my humble perspective, is fantastically good and important. Net proceeds from all sales of each individual titles go to benefit a charity organization chosen by the author, and trust me, I have read through these first four already and they deserve the sales. Especially vibrant and beautifully-quilted is Aimee Bender’s The Third Elevator, a vivid and well-rendered tale of birds and kingdoms and clouds.

Get some of them here.

And of course, just in case you have forgotten, there is this other new one called Artistically Declined Press that is set to release their debut book very soon: Hush Up and Listen, Stinky Poo Butt by Ken Sparling (which I read in a hand-bound edition and absolutely loved). This press is new and the physical product is yet to be seen, but the content is livid and great, well-worth keeping an eye on.

Check them out here.

I am sure there are others, but here at least are three to bed down with during these cold months.

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  1. i just read the newest release from les figues, urs allemann’s babyfucker. i’ll post more about the book tomorrow (i’ll give my reading list for the week, again), but it’s well worth the read!

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