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Big Anticipation

Quite possibly my most anticipated book of 2010 is Brady Udall’s The Lonely Polygamist, due in April. I’ve read Brady’s other two books, Letting Loose the Hounds (which is getting a sharp looking re-release in April as well) and The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint which is one of the funniest books I’ve read. I heard Brady read from part of this new novel back in June at my last MFA residency (I was also fortunate enough to spend a semester working with Brady), and I have no doubt  it’s going to blow people away. I’ve been desperately checking the distribution database every few days at work since that reading and when the listing finally popped up last week I was pumped.

All that said, I am a little disappointed in the cover art:

I mean it’s a nice cover. I actually like it a lot. If I saw it on a book I knew nothing about or had no anticipation of, I’d probably be in love with it. But from the title alone, and from what I’ve heard from the book, there was just so much imagery they could have pulled from. I’ll get over this, especially since I really do like the design. I think I was just surprised by it, expecting something different.


So what book are you looking forward to in 2010? Ever liked a cover and still been disappointed in it? Talk to me.

  • Ryan W. Bradley has pumped gas, changed oil, painted houses, swept the floor of a mechanic's shop, worked on a construction crew in the Arctic Circle, fronted a punk band, and managed an independent children's bookstore. He now works in marketing. His latest book is Nothing but the Dead and Dying, a collection of stories set in Alaska. He lives in southern Oregon with his wife and two sons.

18 thoughts on “Big Anticipation

  1. I’m definitely looking forward to Tyrant Press’s release of new books by Eugene Marten and Michael Kimball. Evenson’s Baby Leg is great.

    Ellipsis Press, with only four books under their belt, hasn’t missed yet. I’m sure whatever comes out by them will be slamming. Ditto Dalkey Press.

    Andy Devine’s book from Publishing Genius should be interesting.

    1. I haven’t read any of the Tyrant books, but they’ve always got great design.

      Ellipsis, Dalkey, and PG all do great things. I’m looking forward to Adam Robinson’s book of poetry, too, whether that ends up coming out before the end of the year or into next year.

      1. Baby Leg is the only book that Tyrant has put out. Actually, I’m not sure if copies have been shipped out yet. But I had a chance to review of it and it’s fantastic.

        Whatever’s coming out from Tarpaulin Sky should be good. Joanna Ruocco’s got a story collection Man’s Companions coming out from them Spring, 2010. If The Mothering Coven is any indication, this should be a great read. Jenny Boully’s book, not merely because of the unknown that was stalking toward them is coming out in Spring, 2011. That’s too long a wait!

        Still waiting on my review copy of Shane Jones’s The Failure Six. When’s that supposed to come out?

        1. i thought they’d had one other one out. i’m not good at keeping track of all this stuff, it all gets jumbled in my head. either way, Tyrant’s design always attracts me.

          i got my copy of The Failure Six on monday, enjoyed it at work on tuesday.

        2. Pretty sure copies of Baby Leg haven’t shipped yet. Gian just posted something about a release party for the book and NY Tyrant 7 later this month. Sounds like that’s when the book will make it’s first appearance. Really looking forward to it.

          And having loved both Marten’s and Kimball’s last titles, I’m looking forward to everything Tyrant is publishing right now.

          And completely forgot about Alissa Nutting’s Starcherone title, and is Amelia Gray’s FC2 title coming out in 2010 too? Another one to be anxious about.

    2. Also forgot Ander Monson has two coming out this year – Vanishing Point: Not a Memoir from Graywolf in March or April (essays) and a poetry collection from Sarabande too.

      Maybe William Gay’s The Lost Country will finally come out from M/C.

  2. to self-plug: i’m looking forward to my book, the evolutionary revolution, due out in april 2010, from les figues.

    to echo: most anything from dalkey (including cohen’s massive book) and tsky.

    to add: anything featherproof.

    to self-plug (again): starcherone has an awesome line-up in 2010, including leslie scalapino, ray federman, thaddeus rutkowski, & their new first book winner, alissa nutting.

    1. i’m really looking forward to Christian Tebordo’s book through featherproof. i still need to email them about my paperegg subscription.

      you are a machine, lily! i’ll be looking forward to your book, too.

  3. With many apologies to a ton of books and authors I’m forgetting:

    The Udall novel is very high on my list of what I’m looking forward to as well. Paste Magazine is putting together a list of best debut novels of the 00’s and I just told them that The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint HAD to be on that list.

    Lipsyte’s The Ask.

    Aaron Burch’s PANK chapbook and Matt Bell’s Keyhole short story collection!!!

    Justin Taylor’s short story collection from Harper Perennial.

    Steve Yarbrough’s new novel, Safe From the Neighbors hits from Knopf in January. Alyson Hagy’s story collection, Ghosts of Wyoming, from Graywolf in February.

    Gina Frangello has a story collection from Emergency Press in June. Allison Amend’s novel from LSU Press something in the spring. Benjamin Percy’s The Wilding (novel) from Graywolf in the fall!

    I’m sure Percival Everett has a book or two coming out I’m looking forward to.

    The books from Tyrant, and Featherproof, and Calamari, and Keyhole, and Ellipsis, and Future Tense, and Underland, and Unbridled, and the list just gets bigger every year.

    To self plug a bit (no not my own non-existent writing), Dzanc has books coming out from Dawn Raffel (SSC), Jeff Parker (SSC), Henning Koch (SSC), Stefan Kiesbye (SSC), Terese Svoboda (novel) and Robert Lopez (SSC) in 2010 and our imprints have titles coming from Steve Gillis (SSC), Zoe Zolbrod (novel), Michael Hemmingson (SSC) and more.

    1. that’d be pretty cool if Edgar Mint got on Paste’s list. i’m still wondering if the movie’s ever going to happen… seems to have stalled in that wonderous limbo land.

      i had forgotten matt’s story collection was coming out next year, that’ll be awesome for sure.

      i didn’t know percy’s new one was coming out next year, either.

      you are the man in the know, dan!

  4. Forgot to mention the books coming out by Mud Luscious Press in 2010:
    AN ISLAND OF FIFTY by Ben Brooks (June 2010)

    And then there’s the slew of chapbooks from them as well.

  5. Scott Garson and Ravi Mangla, the dynamic duo behind the Wigleaf Top 50 will both have books of flash coming out. Ravi’s from Achilles and Scott’s from Willows Wept Press.

    Summertime, the new Coetzee memoir is on my list as well.

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