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Big Other Contest #1

Write our slogan and win prizes and internet glory! The very short slogan will run at the top of the website’s pages underneath BIG OTHER.

Enter as many times as you’d like. Just leave your entries in the comments page.

Prizes so far: Gordon Lish’s Quarterly #2 (paperback); Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man is Hard to Find (paperback); Divine Day Formula, by Mother Flux (CD); A first edition of Richard Brautigan’s book of poems, Rommel Drives On Deep into Egypt (Thanks Keith!); the November issue of POETRY, still in its wrapper (Thanks Stacy!); and from Astrophil Press: The Procession of Mollusks, by Eric E. Olson, Downstream from Trout Fishing in America: A Memoir of Richard Brautigan, by Keith Abbot, and Sleepers’ Republic, by David Gruber; How Some People Like Their Eggs, by Sean Lovelace (Thanks Sean!); a one-year subscription to Keyhole Magazine (Thanks Peter Cole!); We Take Me Apart, by Molly Gaudry, and a secret mystery book (Thanks Molly!).

Deadline: Whenever the right one comes in.

And if anyone feels like donating a prize, please post it here.

49 thoughts on “Big Other Contest #1

  1. i’ll throw in a first edition of richard brautigan’s book of poems, ‘rommel drives on deep into egypt’. just remind me in a month or i might forget that i did.

  2. This is a great site. My entries:

    Give over.

    Dig, bother.
    (or: Bother, dig.)

    Every bit another.
    (or: Another, every bit.)

  3. i don’t know if i can enter since i’ve already offered a book, so maybe consider this not as an entry but an observation: last night while perusing the big other, the phrase came to mind: a spectral analysis of art & culture.

    although there are more references to lit than anything else, which i imagine is due to the particular literary spray of the double-slit experiment of contributors. so maybe the above would be more accurate with lit or letters in there, or glyphs, that’s such a wonderful word. glyph. i want to glyph you. what a lovely glyph you’re wearing. sorry i’m late, my glyph wouldn’t get started. glyph is my favorite season. did you watch the glyphs last night on tv? he’s such a glyph, i can’t stand him. do you believe in glyph? everyone is searching for that one special glyph in their life. someday i hope to become a glyph. glyph is my life dream.

  4. I’ll donate to the prize pool a copy of WTMA and a stupendous surprise mystery book.

    (I’ll need reminding, though, that I offered this. I wonder what the mystery book will be. It will not be an IKEA catalog, even though I have two. I promise it will also not be a desk copy of a freshman English reader, even though I have many.)

    The stupendous surprise mystery book will be something good.

  5. not just dodgeball targets anymore

    for people who don’t watch idol

    tithead lives

    all of this can be yours

  6. Big Other: Come in, come in

    Big Other: Hate, Actually

    Big Other: Small Other

    Big Other: ex nilhilo nihil fit

    Big Other: I’m Sure I don’t Know What You Mean

    Big Other: Welcome Home, O Pioneers!

    Big Other: Hypothetical Histories

    Big Other: Over there Beyond the Seas

  7. Big Other: Because intelligence comes in all sizes

    Big Other: Where letters and visions collide

    Big Other: Small Presses & Eternal Culture

    Big Other: Tagless, for added comfort

    Big Other: Where contests never end (literally)

    Big Other: Tag yourself <— this last one is not an entry

    1. It just occurred to me that my entry might sound like I’m calling the creators of Big Other “dumb,” when really the slogan is aimed at calling everyone who visits your blog, “dumb”…wait, somehow that doesn’t sound any better…just know it’s a form a flattery in some warped and twisted way.

      I think your “About” section says it all: “Big Other — Trespassings, Transgressions, and Whatever, Nevermind”

  8. BIG BROTHER CONTEST #1…dECEMBER 20,2010…10:07P.M.

    ONE LIGHTBULB/MOON: Theory of relativity… Edison reflects…of God’s one eye…He does inflect…

    TWO LIGHTBULB/MOON: The thought of passion…the prevail of known… unknown…to know…

    THREE LIGHTBULB/MOON: A time in history…to reflect as own…a time of passage…a time unfolds…

    FOUR LIGHT BULBS/MOON: Fore Lunar means a GOD unknown…


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