Most Anticipated Small Press Books of 2016!

Few exceptions aside, the most compelling, challenging, absorbing literary art is being produced by small presses and their respective writers. I asked a number of writers, editors, and publishers to send me a list of small press books to look out for in 2016. Below you’ll find my own list, which is informed by Kate Angus, John Cayley, Lauren Cerand, Samuel R. Delany, Rikki Ducornet, Andrew Ervin, Lily Hoang, Sean Lovelace, Scott McClanahan, Hubert O’Hearn, Jane Unrue, and Curtis White.

Below you’ll also find lists from Jeff Bursey, Tobias Carroll, Gabino Iglesias, Janice Lee, Dawn Raffel, Nick Francis Potter, John Reed, Adam Robinson, Michael Seidlinger, Terese Svoboda, Jason Teal, Angela Woodward, and Jacob Wren. All the abovementioned people are small press heroes and great writers in their own right. My thanks to all of them.

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Announcing the launch of MadHat Press with a poetry chapbook competitio​n

MadHat Press is the non-profit imprint arm of the multimedia e-zine, Mad Hatters’ Review and a production of MadHat Arts Inc.  MadHat Press seeks to foster the work of writers and poets: explosive, lyrical, passionate, deeply wrought voices that stretch the boundaries of language, narrative and image, vital and enduring literary voices that sing on the page as well as in the mind.

Formerly based out of New York City, now at home in Asheville, North Carolina, and with our Managing Editor currently situated in Reykjavik, Iceland, MadHat Press is open to authors of all creeds and distinctions, from the emerging to the emergent, from the multicultural to the insolent. For a list of some of our contributors over the years, click on the Mad Hatters’ Review tab.

To inaugurate the official birth of MadHat Press, CAConrad, Philly poet extraordinaire and author of the gripping collection, The Book of Frank (Wave 2010), will be judging the first poetry chapbook competition. Future MadHat Press chapbook competitions will include flash-fiction, short story, and novella categories. Continue reading

On the 15th Day of April

It’s National Poetry Month. As a result I have put together a small reading list of poetry collections you may have missed  that you should read. Or maybe you’ve read some, in which case you should read the rest.

More Facts About the Moon by Dorianne Laux

If there is Something To Desire by Vera Pavlova

To The River by Rose Hunter

Fortune by Joseph Millar

Green Diver by Peter Sears

Jelly Roll by Kevin Young

The Human Line by Ellen Bass

Mars Being Red by Marvin Bell

Lost Horse Press New Poets Series Vol. 4

Second-Hand Coat by Ruth Stone

The Vigil by CK Williams

Prairie Style by CS Giscombe

Selected Poems by James Wright

A few places that are having sales of some kind on poetry books this month:

Wave Books

Powell’s (a good place to get many of the above titles)

Artistically Declined Press

If you know of any other places having sales or discounts for National Poetry Month please tell us in the comments!