The Smiths Songs You May Be Missing, Part 3: “Strangeways, Here We Come”

We continue listening through the somewhat-less-famous Smiths albums, gleaning their better tracks for our ultimate deep cuts playlist. (Already covered: “The Smiths” & “Meat Is Murder.”) Today let’s look at:


Now, I won’t go as far as to agree with Morrissey and Marr—what do they know?—that this is “the best Smiths album,” but it is a total masterpiece from start to finish, and it contains some of the best Smiths songs no one ever really listens to…

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A D & Jeremy Talk about Movies: Source Code, Friends, Woody Allen, The Man from London, Sucker Punch, Zardoz, Tron, Willow, and Shoot ‘Em Up

[Last weekend, while en route to Abu Dhabi, my good friend Jeremy swung by my cold-water Chicago flat. After a lengthy Indian-wrestling match, we headed downtown to the AMC River East 21, where we caught a screening of Duncan Jones’s latest film, Source Code. Two hours later, expelled into the brisk April evening, we hunkered down at the nearest Applebee’s and, after ordering multiple appetizers and pitchers of Stella Artois, recorded the following conversation.]

A D: Jeremy, did you like Source Code?

Jeremy: It didn’t offend me.

That’s high praise. I can envision it emblazoned across the film’s poster (which is hideous and which did offend me).

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