If you are at all involved in the online lit community you have most likely heard (or read, as it might be) the name Frank Hinton. Hinton is the mastermind behind Metazen, but she is also one of the community’s most vibrant voices. Now, with her first chapbook, I Don’t Respect Female Expression Hinton is poised to take an even larger share of the community into the folds of her words, her vision.

Coming from Safety Third Enterprises, the folks behind the wildly successful He Is Talking to the Fat Lady by xTx, Hinton’s chapbook feels like a natural follow-up direction to xTx’s collection. What the two share as writers is stark honesty, the inability to pussyfoot around, and a fearlessness when it comes to the words they choose to put to paper. For instance in “Father/Daughter” Hinton writes from the perspective of a girl who is remembering seeing her father’s penis.

Hinton writes with a poet’s sensibility. Her stories are fragments of realism wrapped in dream sequences. “I want to create a machine with our tongues revolving around one another,” she writes in “Something Pure and Good.” And you will find yourself nodding, hoping along with Hinton’s narrator that such a thing could be possible.

Like any good chapbook, I Don’t Respect Female Expression will make you ache for more of Hinton’s work. It will make you feel Hinton’s loneliness, uncertainty, and yes, bravery. It will tell you of the promise in Hinton’s words, and it will make you believe that she will continue to deliver.

I Don’t Respect Female Expression is available now from Safety Third Enterprises. The physical chapbook, if xTx’s is any indication, will sell out very quickly, so I suggest getting in on it. Now.