National Book Critics Circle Awards Ceremony and After Party, Tonight!

One-third of the finalists for the awards are small press books. Bravo, N.B.C.C.!

While  I’d love to see Paul Beatty’s The Sellout win the fiction award, and Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Between the World and Me the criticism, tonight, I’m rooting for the small presses: the following books in their respective categories:
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Expose This: Paul Beatty’s Slumberland

A lot can go down in a week. Last Thursday I read a blog post by Annalemma editor, Christopher Heavener about Paul Beatty’s Slumberland (read that post HERE). I was intrigued because of the mention of two of my favorite contemporary writers, Chabon and Lethem, but also because of Heavener’s passion for Beatty’s work. Working at a bookstore gives me the very dangerous benefit of being able to order books on a whim, and this is what I did. So Slumberland got here on Tuesday and I finished it yesterday afternoon. Then I went and made sure to thank Christopher Heavener.
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