Flying Guillotine

is reading poetry chapbook submissions from now until November 15th. Submission guidelines are here, but, first, here’s a not-so-secret hot tip:

We’re looking for beautiful, for interesting, for sonically perverse, for arresting. Everything a Tuba Jam Party should be.

And the good news is:  Your $5.00 submission fee buys you a previous title. Options include:

Mark Horosky’s More Frisk Than Risk


Matt Sadler’s Tiny Tsunami


Steven Karl’s (Ir)Rational Animals


Angela Veronica Wong’s All the Little Red Girls


Ana Božičević’s God, Sebastian, Amy


Michael Robins’s Circus SOLD OUT!

Kate Schapira’s The Saint’s Notebook SOLD OUT!

Brett Price’s Trouble With Mapping SOLD OUT!

Michael Rerick’s X-Ray SOLD OUT!

Melissa Koosmann’s Endings SOLD OUT!



The Latest from Octopus

Congratulations to Jenny Zhang, Christopher DeWeese, and Rebecca Farivar for having their manuscripts selected for publication by Octopus Books 2011.

Congratulations also to finalists: Claire Donato, Julie Doxsee, Laura Eve Engel, Sasha Fletcher, Dan Hoy, Brenda Iijima, George Kalamaras, Kirsten Kaschock, Seth Landman, Linnea Ogden, Alexandria Peary, Craig Rebele, Rob Schlegel, S. E. Smith, and Melinda Wilson.

And in other Octopus news. . . .


#14 is live and features the following sixteen long poems:

The Water’s Piety in Doubt and Question by J. Michael Martinez

It is Especially Dangerous To Be Conscious of Oneself by Jeff Alessandrelli

Dwell-E by Brandon Downing

The Massachusetts Book of the Dead by Katie Peterson

Coney Island Avenue by Andy Fitch

Length of Fetch by Jesse Lichtenstein

A Geography of Pleasure by Amy King

Descend, Descend by Samuel Amadon

Vertigo and Bone Room by Julie Doxsee

from Rosalia by Molly Gaudry

The Kingdom of Blizzards by Michael Rerick

The Erotic Life of Art: A Seance with William Carlos Williams by Eileen R. Tabios

Topic Sentences by Dot Devota

We Know in 2010, We Survive by Claire Becker

The Personal History of Wind by Jennifer Denrow

Dark Highway by Zvonko Karanović transl. by Ana Božičević.

And the following reviews:

Not Blessed by Harold Abramowitz, reviewed by Janice Lee

Under the Quick by Molly Bendall, reviewed by Suzette Bishop

Sum of Every Lost Ship by Allison Titus, reviewed by David Carillo

Mr. Worthington’s Beautiful Experiments on Splashes, reviewed by Sommer Browning