The Completed Eyes Wide Shut?

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When Stanley Kubrick died on March 7, 1999, there was still a little over four months until Eyes Wide Shut’s release date, July 16. There is no basis to argue Kubrick wouldn’t have altered the film right up to that date and possibly even beyond as he did with 2001 and The Shining, films most similar to Eyes Wide Shut. Michael Herr says, “…there was looping to be done and the music wasn’t finished, lots of small technical fixes on color and sound, but it wasn’t ready to show…” Continue reading

Lee Siegel on ‘Eyes Wide Shut’

The longest film shoot in history (400 days) included a ten-day overage about whether to let the dead woman make a gun out of her hand.

This is one my favorite essays on Kubrick and art in general, and it was written eleven years ago, but I think the sentiments expressed still stand. Below are some of the first reactions to Eyes Wide Shut.

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