I Shot the Moon, Calamari Press, 40 / 41, Gary Lutz’s STORIES IN THE WORST WAY

Click through to read the full review of Gary Lutz’s STORIES IN THE WORST WAY, the fortieth in this full-press review of Calamari books.

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I Shot the Moon, Calamari Press, 42 / 41, Gary Lutz’s DIVORCER

Click here to read the full review of Gary Lutz’s divorcer, then (leap ahead) forty-second in this full-press review of Calamari Press, which appears at The Rumpus (but with full love reflected back to Big Other).

& copies of divorcer (a truly phenomenal book) can be had here.

Pending: VAAST BIN & 3RD BED [6]


Gary Lutz’s Divorcer: A Word-Hoard

Gary Lutz is easily one of my favorite writers. I’ve read each of his collections at least twice, and I find myself revisiting stories from them from time to time; and I’ve sought out and found much, I think, of what has yet to be collected, like small pieces in various issues of The Quarterly, and elsewhere. There is, for instance, HEARTSCALD, collected at Sleepingfish, which is “constituted of phrasing from pieces by Lutz, as well as from interviews with him, that appeared first in The Believer, Bookslut, Detroit: Stories, The Quarterly, Sleepingfish, 3rd bed, and Wag’s Review.” And then there are Gary Lutz’s infamous letters to the editors of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, like one entitled “Borrowed Phrasing” from May 8, 1988, where he witheringly criticizes “Seen,” presumably the paper’s celebrity-sighting column: “The column’s weekly roll call—recorded in illiterate, sycophantic, cosmetology-school prose—does a handsome job of perpetuating the image of Pittsburgh as the city with a simper on its face.” (I suspect that these same editors edited away Lutz’s use of the serial comma in his letter before they published it.)

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