Corium Magazine is live!

Corium Magazine, a quarterly internet journal is now live. Lauren Becker, Heather Fowler and myself are happy to share the amazing work we’ve received. Go check it out.

Short Fiction:  Stephen Elliott, Sean Lovelace, Alec Niedenthal, Adam Moorad, Donna D. Vitucci
Very Short Fiction: Kathy Fish, Scott Garson, Beth Thomas, Kim Chinquee, Sheldon Compton, Ryan Ridge, Julie Babcock, Eric Beeny, Andrea Kneeland, Christina Murphy, Laura Ellen Scott
Poetry: Shaindel Beers, Corey Mesler, Sam Rasnake, Rusty Barnes and Cami Park.
Art: Ernest Williamson, Christopher Woods, James Roninger

Writers Stew: Mangla vs. Gerke

Joyce, Pound, Ford Madox Ford, John Quinn

Recently I sat down at my computer and had some exchanges with Ravi Mangla. Ravi lives Fairport, New York (near Rochester). His work has or will appear in Gargoyle, Annalemma, Sleepingfish and others. He created a site called Recommended Reading last May. Close to fifty writers have weighed in with lists and entertaining answers to Ravi’s questions. His stories run the gamut from the serious to the absurd. For instance, in ‘Low Brow,’ a Hindu family moves into the space between the narrator’s eyebrows.

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