elimae’s last issue?

Some sad news from Cooper Renner and Brandon Hobson, editors of elimae:


In light of which, may I suggest taking a look through those archives and of course reading the latest issue, which, as always, has a bunch of really great work in it: Catherine Lacey, Jimmy Chen, Joseph Scapellato, Sam Martone, Daniel Grandbois, and Kristina Marie Darling among others.

If you go to the 1996-2004 archives (those apparently most likely to vanish), you’ll find wonderful stuff from Brandon Hobson, Michael Kimball, Norman Lock, Brian Evenson, Stacey Levine, Gordon Lish, Matthew Derby, Gary Lutz, Peter Markus, Dawn Raffel, Eugene Marten, David Ohle, Jim Ruland, Shya Scanlon, Terese Svoboda, Jane Unrue, Ken Sparling, Derek White, Diane Williams, Guy Davenport . . . I guess I’m not sure why you’ve haven’t already clicked over yet.


Best of 2010, Part 2

I spent a large part of today playing with my five-year-old daughter in the snow, and I’m thinking that might have been my best moment of the year.

Here are some other bright and shiny things that have caught the eyes, and in some cases the ears, of Andrew Borgstrom, Gabe Durham, Eugene Lim, Kevin Prufer, Cooper Renner, and David Shields. And click here for “Best of 2010, Part 1.”
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Cooper Renner on Stevens

In the ’74-’75 school year, when I was a beginning teacher, I had a
combined fifth-sixth grade math class in the spring semester. In an
(probably misguided) attempt to be a little bit inventive with mild
disciplinary infractions, I wrote stanzas of twentieth century poetry
on the chalkboard and made the occasional misbehaver write the stanzas several times. Selections included Brian Patten’s “Little Johnny’s Confession” and Wallace Stevens’s “The Snow Man.”


Cooper Renner is the translator of ‘Chinese Checkers: Three Fictions’ by Mario Bellatin and the author of ‘Mosefolket’ (poems, under the name Cooper Esteban). His website is at cooprenner.com.