Unstuck #2

[Unstuck‘s first issue, which came out last November, was big: 352 lavishly illustrated pages, and incredible fun to read (stories from Joe Meno, J. Robert Lennon, Matt Derby, Aimee Bender, Rachel B. Glaser, Amelia Gray, Lindsay Hunter, Meghan McCarron, Matthew Vollmer, and many more). With some help, their second issue is going to be even bigger (disclosure: it will feature one of the longest stories in Critique of Pure Reason), “over 500 pages.” They’d like your help with that, and I think you should help them. Here’s a link to their just-launched Kickstarter. All of the money will go to printing, distribution, and paying their contributors.] Continue reading


Big Other Contest #2 Winners!

The competition for a prize in Big Other‘s second contest was fierce.  Actually, only six people entered and one was disqualified. Nevertheless, the writing was inventive and funny. So here are the winners:

Gabe Durham wins Sweet Tomb, by Trinie Dalton

B L Pawelek wins A Mere Pittance, by Sumanth Prabhaker

Gabriel Orgrease wins The Third Elevator, by Aimee Bender

Peter Anderson wins Bobcat, by Rebecca Lee

All winners should send their snail mail address to me here: johnmadera@gmail.com

I hope you all enjoy the books.

And everybody please support the progressive-minded work that Madras Press is doing.

Also, our first contest is still open. Come on, write Big Other‘s slogan and win some cool prizes!

Interview: James Kaelan of FMC

Yep, that’s right, had the wonderful opportunity to interview James Kaelan, managing editor of FLatmancrooked.

Tons of good info, new news, & in-depth coverage –  read more after the break

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Big Other Contest #2


Madras Press is a new, non-profit publisher of individually bound short stories and novellas. The Press is a literary and philanthropic project whose books  serve as fundraising efforts for a number of charitable causes and organizations. Each of their authors has selected a beneficiary to which all net proceeds generated from the sales of his or her book will be donated; these include organizations dedicated to environmental protection, community development, human services, and much more.

Here’s a list of their first four books (forthcoming December 2009)

The Third Elevator, by Aimee Bender

Bobcat, by Rebecca Lee,

Sweet Tomb, by Trinie Dalton, and

A Mere Pittance, by Sumanth Prabhaker.

Here’s the contest:

Write a 150-250 word fake bio to any of the writers above and post it here as a comment. The person who writes the best bio of a writer will receive a copy of that writer’s book. So, in other words, if you write the best bio of Aimee Bender, for instance, you will get a copy of her book The Third Elevator. Enter as many times as you’d like, for as many writers as you’d like.


November 27, 2009

Update (December 12, 2009):

Gabe Durham wins Sweet Tomb, by Trinie Dalton

B L Pawelek wins A Mere Pittance, by Sumanth Prabhaker

Gabriel Orgrease wins The Third Elevator, by Aimee Bender

Peter Anderson wins Bobcat, by Rebecca Lee

Big Other Contest #2