The Special Relationship #3 (a guest post by Jarred McGinnis)

(Read about Episode 1 & Episode 2, + check out the show’s Facebook invite)

…The reason the show is called The Special Relationship is because two of its organizers are American, while two are English. And other Trans-Atlanticness has been occurring: by posting these episode reports on Big Other, the UK-based writers that we’ve invited to perform have gotten some attention from folks back in the States.

All this time, I’ve been trying to figure out how the reverse can work with a live event. How can I expose our London-based audiences to writers and writing from the States? The US authors I like are unlikely to be touring the UK any time soon: Bill Cotter (Fever Chart), Kim Parko (Cure All) or any writer in the Two Dollar Radio stable such as Joshua Mohr (Termite Parade). I had a conversation with Aaron Burch (How to Predict the Weather), and we planned to show a YouTube video of him performing:

…but the quality, when projected, didn’t hold up.

That said, if any of you on the US end of this post have any ideas about how we can involve more US-based writers in the show, I’d love to hear them.

But, for now, onto:

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Aaron Burch’s Best of 2009

My “Top Ten” of 2009
This list is book-heavy because, well, because this is (primarily?) a lit blog, and books are (primarily) the world in which I live. I tried to limit it to stuff that came out/happened in 2009, which discluded many of the books that I read, and TV shows I watched on DVD, that were older. One last caveat: for the most part, this list is in no order and these are (mostly) the first ten things that came to mind, so I’m sure I’m forgetting all kinds of good stuff.
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