3 thoughts on “NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg: “I have my own army in the NYPD”*

  1. MASTER: What’s Wrong–
    WOMAN: Eye Just–cant quite tell–WHAT is Happening–to the Lovely Blonde in a HeadLock–eye just wonder what her Crime Was–and–what her “Punishment” will bee–and are there Cameras in that Privatized–it just gives me a little Chill seaing HER in that–position–and not knowing her–or her story–all eye have is One Photo and myriad possibilities four Photo-Story–will we ever even SEA that Face Again–will she Ever even Bee able to SPEAK and tell Her Version–if she had an Explosive Devise–then she deserves what she gets–but if she was Within the Law–well–we can only hypothesize–did she belong to a World-Anarchy–OR was she Within her Amendments just Hoping four a Better America–

    Rachel X

  2. What is happening to the WOMAN why is she being handled like THAT she looks like she is being Abducted Hostage–why would a Man his Size handle a Woman like Her–with that sort of Force–eye don’t know Who she is or what she Did or did not Do–but it looks like Her Bird-Neck is going to snap–

    Rachel X

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