“Whose world is this? / The world is yours”—A Requited Journal Film Screening

"Wonder Stranger" (still) by Michelle Ruiz and Via Tania (2009).

Requited Journal invites everyone in the Chicagoland area to an art exhibition featuring video works curated by Ferestheh Toosi for Requited‘s forthcoming issue #5. This short screening will be followed by an open discussion with the artists and the editors of Requited (including myself).

Friday, May 20, 7-9 PM | Calles y Sueños: 1901 S Carpenter St, Heart of Italy/Little Italy/Pilsen, Chicago, IL 60608

This program is co-presented by AREA Chicago, an independent semi-annual newspaper and series of events that focuses on social, cultural, communal and alternative practices in Chicago.

Requited is a semiannual journal publishing innovative work in several mediums, including writing, visual art, video, and sound. Through publication and local events, Requited‘s editors bring together artists from different areas in the hopes of creating exchange, collaboration, and a uniquely curated experience.

The evening’s program:

  1. “Maze,” Hyeon Jung Kim (13:00)
  2. “Heavy Skirt,” Leang Seckon (5:38)
  3. “Wonder Stranger,” Via Tania & Michelle Ruiz (3:11)
  4. “1700% Project: Mistaken for Muslim,” Anida Yoeu Ali (5:35)
  5. “To Persia,” Yasi Ghanbari (2:27)
  6. “Don’t Shoot the Messanger,” Anne Elizabeth Moore (4:30)

From Ferestheh Toosi’s curatorial statement:

“There are no borders here.” The artists in this program represent the best of transgressions, coyotes for cultural expression that reflect the complexity of living in a world connected by satellites but increasingly divided by borders traced on its surface. These nomads live and move among various places scattered across both hemispheres. They are shape shifters working in many forms including video, performance, collage, poetry, painting, photography, conversation and sound. These artists welcome us with open arms and after our visit they pack our bags with memories of magic, war, labor, and revolution. Their works are gestures that compel us to construct our own hospitable homes, safe and surprising at the same time.

Hope to see you there!


3 thoughts on ““Whose world is this? / The world is yours”—A Requited Journal Film Screening

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