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The Midnight’s Marsupium Defacement Project IV: (Erika deVries & Stacy Muszynski)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted these, so bear with me for a little background information again.  Earlier last year, Melissa Broder at We Who Are About To Die invited me to submit a “self-review,” and, shortly thereafter, I received (due to a software glitch) a batch of misprinted copies of my chapbook Midnight’s Marsupium (The Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2010).  I decided to use the opportunity to mess with some copies—erasing words, collaging images—as a way of commenting on my own text.  I had such a good time doing it that I asked some other people if they wanted to use the remaining copies however they saw fit: and The Midnight’s Marsupium Defacement Project was born.  Here are the past contributions:

Ryan Bradley, Sommer Browning, Anne Keefe, & Jared Schickling

The 9th Grade Edition

Eric Elshtain & J.A. Tyler

I’m happy now to present the latest round: erasures and redactions by Stacy Muszynski and a video by Erika deVries of her son doing a fantastic rendition of “Haibun 5” (it’s kind of an unintentional erasure). Enjoy!

[Note: The haibun form, a mix of poetic prose and haiku, was pioneered by Japanese poet Matsuo Bashō in The Hut of the Phantom Dwelling (Genjūan No Ki, 1690) and in his famous travelogue Narrow Road to the Deep North (Oku No Hosomichi, 1694).  The half-dozen haibun in John Ashbery’s A Wave (1984) were the inspiration for the pieces in Midnight’s Marsupium.]



Erika deVries is a mother, artist, lady in love, fairy tale teller/reader/believer, thread thief, and mundanity expert.  You can view more of her work at:  http://www.erikaswonderlands.net/.



Stacy Muszynski writes. Find her fiction at elimae and Opium, her book reviews at The Rumpus and The Collagist, her interviews scattered throughout the web. She’s the former web editor of American Short Fiction and a current PEN Prison Writing mentor and National Book Critic Circle member. She’s at work on a number of projects, all of them filled with words.

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Michael Leong is the author of the poetry books e.s.p., Cutting Time with a Knife, Who Unfolded My Origami Brain?, and Words on Edge. His creative work has been anthologized in THE &NOW AWARDS 2: The Best Innovative Writing, Best American Experimental Writing 2018, and Bettering American Poetry, Volume 3. His co-translation, with Ignacio Infante, of Vicente Huidobro’s long poem Sky-Quake: Tremor of Heaven is forthcoming from co•im•press in late 2019. His critical monograph Contested Records: The Turn to Documents in Contemporary North American Poetry is forthcoming from the University of Iowa Press in May 2020. He has received grants from the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses and the National Endowment for the Arts. He teaches in the School of Critical Studies at CalArts.

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