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Big Other Contributors’ News, #23

It’s been a while since I’ve posted news of all our various goings on and whatnot. But everyone at Big Other has been up to all kinds of great things.

Elaine Castillo published her first short story in > kill author in September 2010. Since then her work has been published or is forthcoming from PANK’s Queer Issue (story nominated for Best of the Web), Everyday Genius, Used Furniture Review, Bluestem Magazine, and Sink Review. Beginning in February, she will be attending a  free (!) eight-week filmmaking workshop for women of color in Scotland.

John Domini has been busy mostly with two fiction projects, a new book of experimental stories or anti-stories, probably to be named Movieola, and a more or less realistic and character-driven novel, The Color Inside a Melon, which will be the last in his Naples trilogy (after Earthquake I.D. and A Tomb on the Periphery). The opening of Color appeared in Bicycle Review and another section was accepted for Web del Sol, to appear soon. One of the Movieola pieces was placed in an as-yet unnamed anthology of “Tribute Stories” (stories in tribute to other authors, in this case Donald Barthelme), and another is forthcoming in ParaSpheres 2. A poem has sold to Blip, Frederick Barthelme’s new magazine,for the moment called Poison Mice, and shifting websites cagily. His reviews have appeared in Bookforum and American Book Review. He’s especially pleased with his recent posts on Dante’s Divine Comedy, on BIG OTHER.

Tim Horvath has had short pieces recently in jmww. Check them out, here and here and here; and at Everyday Genius and Wigleaf. His story “The City in the Light of Moths” was published in Conjunctions 55, and can be read here, and his story “Altered Native” will appear in Conjunctions 56. An excerpt from “The Argusy” can be heard at the Orange Alert Podcast. His review of Norman Holland’s Literature and the Brain will appear in The Evolutionary Review Volume 2. He is a prose editor for Camera Obscura, which just released its second issue. He is also now a half-time faculty member at Chester College of New England, where he was the primary instructor for Turnstyle, an experimental writing program for high school-aged students.

A D Jameson‘s first book, the prose collection Amazing Adult Fantasy, will be published by Mutable Sound on Valentine’s Day. It is available for pre-order here.

Jac Jemc has new stories in Requited and Spork and Wunderkammer. This week she’ll be reading at The Orange Alert Reading SeriesSubtitles: Doves and Crocodiles, and Ear Eater.

Paul Kincaid has had a whole load of reviews all over the place. At Strange Horizons he has reviewed Cheek By Jowl by Ursula K. Le Guin and Imagination/Space by Gwyneth Jones; Pinion by Jay Lake; Wolfsangel, by M.D. Lachlan; Return by Peter S. Beagle; Generosity by Richard Powers; and 80! Memories and Reflections on Ursula K. Le Guin edited by Karen Joy Fowler and Debbie Notkin;  In Science Fiction Studies he has reviewed The Voice of the Heart: The Working of Mervyn Peake’s Imagination by G. Peter Winnington (July 2010) and Gothic Grotesques: Essays on Fantastic Literature, Jaunting on the Scoriac Tempests and Other Essays on Fantastic Literature & News of the Black Feast and Other Random Reviews by Brian Stableford (November 2010). In Vector he has reviewed Into Your Tent: The Life, Work and Family Background of Eric Frank Russell by John L. Ingham (Summer 2010). At SF Site he has reviewed The Lifecycle of Software Objects by Ted Chiang, The Dervish House by Ian McDonald, Bearings: Reviews 1997-2001 by Gary K. Wolfe, The Secret History of Fantasy edited by Peter S. Beagle, and The Search for Philip K. Dick by Anne R. Dick. In Interzone he has reviewed Fritz Leiber: Selected Stories edited by Jonathan Strahan & Charles N. Brown (September-October 2010), Surface Detail by Iain M. Banks (November-December 2010). And in Bull Spec he has reviewed The Legions of Fire by David Drake (Autumn 2010).

Michael Leong has published two chapbooks: The Hoax of Contagion (Naissance, 2010) and Midnight’s Marsupium (The Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2010), which was chosen as a 2010 Editor’s Pick of 2010 by Stride Magazine.  Splitleaves Press will be publishing his limited edition broadside called The Lung of the Poet in February. Excerpts from new projects are forthcoming in Action, Yes; Hotel Amerika; jmww; and jubilat.

Michael will be reading on January 22nd (3-5pm) at David Nolan Gallery (529 West 29th Street) to celebrate the release of the anthology Viva la Difference: Poetry Inspired by the Painting of Peter Saul (Off the Park Press, 2011) with Susan Berger-Jones, Todd Colby, Lorraine Doran, Judson Evans, Eileen B. Hennessy, Jennifer Hayashida, Boni Joi, Bill Kushner, Claudia LaRocco, Ronna Lebo, Sharon Mesmer, Tom Obrzut, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Catherine Shainberg, Tara Skurtu, Sally Van Doren, Paul Violi, John Yau and Scott Zieher.  On February 1 (7-9pm), he will read at Exit Art (475 Tenth Ave) with poet, translator, and critic Phil Metres and artist Jacques del Conte in conjunction with the exhibition “Fracking: Art and Activism Against the Drill.”

John Madera‘s imaginary blurb, “Spectral Confessions and Other Digressions,” appears in The Official Catalog of the Library of Potential Literature (Cow Heavy Books). His story, “Some Varieties of Being and Other Non Sequiturs” appears in Conjunctions: 55, Urban Arias. “Notes Toward the Recovery of Desiderata” is forthcoming in Conjunctions: 56, Terra Incognita.

His interview with Thalia Field appears in The Believer (January 2011).

He edited the flash fiction section of the Fall 2010 issue of jmww. Here’s a link to his introduction. And here’s a link to the Winter 2011 issue.

And here’s an odd assortment of reviews and miscellaneous things: Review of Norman Lock’s Shadowplay (Review of Contemporary Fiction, 2010); Review of Peter Handke’s Don Juan: His Own Version, translated by Krishna Winston: (Review of Contemporary Fiction, Summer 2010);  “The Whatness of Our Whoness: On Reading”: (The Laughing Yeti, July 2o1o);  “How I Decide What to Read Next” (Guest post at the National Book Critics’ blog, July 2010); Review of Jane Unrue’s Life of a Star (Brooklyn Rail, July/August 2010); A Reader’s Log(orrhea): “Lyrical Language and Luminous Bits” and “Mr. Tellibly Divicult!”: James Joyce and the Joy of Must-Read Books, Like Finnegans Wake.

Edward Mullany has had recent work in Green Mountains Review, Corium, elimae, Tampa Review, and Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood.  He has work forthcoming in Wigleaf.

Stacy Muszynski is on the wait list for a fellowship this year at Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Meanwhile her short story “Happy Meals” will appear in Makeout Creek‘s February/AWP issue. She’s coming up on her six-month anniversary as a PEN Prison Writing mentor. And recently, per presidential invitation, Stacy joined the National Book Critic Circle. She’s all kinds of excited about what she’s learning and the good stuff in store in 2011.

Davis Schneiderman‘s new novel, Blank, is available for pre-order from Jaded Ibis.  This is a blank book, friends, so get your crayons out.
Amber Sparks joined Big Other as a contributor just a couple of months ago. She’s also begun writing for Vouched, the online version of Vouched Books. Some editors were nice enough to publish some stuff in the last few months in some of her favorite magazines, like Dark SkyCoriumUsed Furniture ReviewBarrelhouse OnlineWigleafAnnalemmaUnsaid, Lamination ColonyHTMLGiantFor Every Year,  and New York Tyrant. She served as the Writer-in-Residence for Necessary Fiction in September, and highly encourages you to check out the amazing writers who contributed to that very cool project. She’ll also be reading a couple of times at AWP, so please stop by and say hello. She’d love that.

J. A. Tyler has two new chapbooks: Our Us & We, from Greying Ghost Press; and The Zoo, a Going: The Tropic House, from Sunnyoutside. He also has a pamphlet ‘The Furniture is a Couch and a Daughter Called Red Wing’ available from Greying Ghost.

J.A. Tyler and John Dermot Woods‘s image-text novel, NO ONE TOLD ME I WOULD DISAPPEAR, will be published by Jaded Ibis Press this Spring. John also has comics forthcoming from Publishing Genius and Double Cross Press.

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