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Michael McConnell

I’m finally getting a chance to read the most recent issue of Denver Quarterly, and I feel a bit ashamed of myself for having used it as a coaster on my desk for some weeks now. There’s some great stuff inside. But what’s captivating me currently is on the outside–the cover art by Michael McConnell entitled Spinning Silver Lined Stories. I looked up his website right quick and have been enjoying myself immensely, meandering around his labyrinth of childhood shards and sawed-off-at-the-edges fables and fairy tales. In his artist’s statement, McConnell speaks of his work’s “narrative possibility.” I quite agree. Mostly, these are stories that would be ruined by words.

3 thoughts on “Michael McConnell

  1. The Denver Quarterly always has great covers, featuring work by great contemporary artists. Like Jeanne Dunning. And Joe Brainard! Excellent stuff. I wish you could see them all online, in a gallery (but maybe they don’t have the rights for that?)

  2. Incredible, Kristen. They really are quite narrative. And, Edward, I agree about the splotches. They’re these uncontrolled moments amongst an otherwise precisely rendered image/story – they threaten to tear the whole thing apart.

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