Fuck the Muse to Write or Whatever.

Norman Mailer thought sex was meaningless, an incomplete act, unless unprotected and to orgasm. (A potentially dangerous philosophy, but maybe those were different times.) Due to his beliefs on the sexual act, he had a lot of child support (6 wives total). Later in his life he said that every time he made money on his books (and he made plenty; The Naked and the Dead was the first million dollar deal for an author), the money was instantly in the mail and out the door. He said this was a good thing. It made him write. He was always broke.

You ever force yourself to write? Or put yourself in conditions where you have to write?

(i.e. Once when I worked day shift as an RN, I took a night class at a local university, not really to learn craft, but to have someone say, “You must do this assignment.”)

Does that work?


there was a time he would not wear a shirt…

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4 thoughts on “Fuck the Muse to Write or Whatever.

  1. I’m definitely into placing all kinds of constraints/restraints in order to facilitate my writing. And making myself sit down every day to write is one of them.

    Also, a few days ago I rode Amtrak for 8 hours. Not having the internet for those hours worked wonders.

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